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Flexcrete's ID204 Doorphone


With three variants in the range, Interquartz ID Doorphone offers a stylish and flexible way to connect any electronic or magnetic door-lock to a telephone system. Its memory buttons can be programmed to ring either a single telephone extension, or a group of telephones on the system. This means that, when a visitor calls at the building and presses one of the buttons, a member of staff inside the building can speak to them without needing to leave their desk. If they want to let the visitor in, they can dial a two-digit code on their telephone keypad, which triggers the lock.

Many companies still have just one stand-alone handset connected to their door intercom meaning that there is only a single place inside the office where staff can speak to visitors and let them in. By adding this functionality to the telephone system, more than one member of staff may be detailed to answer the door, and different staff may be tasked to do this at different times of day, as required by individual business’ needs. This leads to an increase in productivity for staff, and a quicker response for visitors at the door.

Flexcrete Technologies Limited, based in Leyland in Lancashire, recently moved to new premises where they bought a new Avaya IP Office 403, supplied and installed by Pennine Telecom. Flexcrete are manufacturers of specialist cement-based repair and coating systems. They have many high-profile customers including the new Wembley Stadium, Terminal 5 at Heathrow, Network Rail and London Underground here in the UK, as well as overseas customers in the USA, Japan, Taiwan and many European countries.

The Avaya IP Office offers them a highly-featured voice platform that delivers many benefits to Flexcrete and their clients. They also have installed an Interquartz ID204 Doorphone. Three of its four buttons are programmed to allow visitors to ring Reception, Deliveries or Collections. When a visitor presses the button for one of these departments, the ID Doorphone calls each staff-members’ telephone in turn until it is answered.

The Interquartz Doorphone gives us flexibility, as more than one person in each department can now answer the door and let visitors in. This means that customers and suppliers are dealt with quickly and efficiently.

commented Flexcrete Director, Chris Lloyd.


However theID Doorphone has a wide range of other features, beyond simply dialling a desk extension. One benefit that Flexcrete haven taken advantage of is the ‘Combination Code’ control. This allows Flexcrete’s staff to unlock the door by entering a pre-programmed combination of the four buttons on the Doorphone. They can now let themselves into the building without having to disturb their colleagues inside.

With its tough aluminium case, lacquered circuit board and internal heating circuit, the ID Doorphone is designed to withstand the rigours of daily use. Among its other useful features are Day/Night service and a back-light to illuminate the name cards.

From an installer’s point of view, the ID Doorphone connects to an analogue extension and is compatible with any telephone system and with any electronic or magnetic lock. It can be configured either using DTMF tones from another telephone, or using a free Windows configuration program supplied by Interquartz.

If the ID Doorphone range can increase your company’s productivity, contact Interquartz or one of our Distributors for more details and download a datasheet and manuals from the Doorphone page on this site.


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