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Hotelier Has No Reservations When Praising "Bullet Proof" Interquartz Phones

A Scottish hotelier has been moved to praise a leading telephone manufacturer after realising he’d been using the same Voyager handsets in his award-winning Edinburgh property for 12 years.

When arranging a replacement inlay card for one of 78 telephones in use at the five-star The Knight Residence, General Manager Colin Stone, realised it was the first time he’d needed to contact manufacturer Interquartz. “I had no cause to contact Interquartz in the 12 years we’ve been using their phones because they’ve been absolutely spot-on perfect,” he recalls. “But I’d somehow lost one of the inlay cards and when I called to get it replaced I just couldn’t help but say to them "your ‘phones are brilliant because they are bullet proof!”

He added: “Being a hotelier I get a lot of feedback, fortunately mostly good, but I’m aware that you can often forget when you have a good experience to actually pass that back on to a supplier. I wanted to make sure that did not happen and that Interquartz knew exactly what I thought of their products.” He did just that when evaluating the performance and longevity of the 50 Voyager Small Footprint 9825 handsets and 28 Voyager 9281 Standard handsets which are installed at his prestigious aparthotel. “They do everything a phone should do. The quality of the line is good, they offer adjustable ringtone and volume, they’re simple to operate and the 9821 allows you to programme speed dial numbers for taxis, the airport and places of interest.”

But it’s the rugged build quality and hardwearing design which he repeatedly cites: “It’s not a tame environment the hotel business. People don’t treat things as they might at home and as an aparthotel we’re family oriented so we get a lot of young kids staying. You can find the ‘phones thrown on the floor but they survive. It’s that durability that really makes them stand out. They’re obviously built to withstand a hotel environment and are very well designed to do so.”

Indeed durability by design has been a key factor in the success of Interquartz which has a product return rate of just 0.1 percent and sells some 350,000 handsets into the demanding public and private sector markets like the hotel and hospitality trade. Its telephones employ crack-resistant, thick, high quality keys manufactured using double-injected moulds so that numbers are physically embedded throughout the plastic rather than being printed on them. It’s a point Mr. Stone picks up on: “The housekeepers give them a good rub down every two or three days and so you’d expect them to start to wear, for the numbers to fad, but they haven’t. They’ve withstood all that.”

The two models used by The Knight Residence are ideally suited to hotel and other challenging and high use environments. Carrying an impressive ten year warranty the 9821 is specifically designed for use where desk space is limited, being half the size of a standard telephone and yet still offering useful features such as ten programmable speed dials, adjustable volume and pitch and message waiting. The 9281 satisfies demand where space is not at such a premium and offers more features such as triple-standard message waiting and a choice of up to ten ‘non-volatile’ memories which are retained even when the ‘phone is disconnected.

Mr. Stone does concede that the Interquartz models were chosen, not by him, but on the recommendation of the telecoms supplier which installed the aparthotel’s telephone system back in 1999. Now it’s him that would do the recommending. “I wouldn’t think of buying anything other than Interquartz handsets for our rooms” he concludes.

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