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Opening a gate using the Interquartz GSM Key



The Interquartz car park has a sliding motorised gate. Previously all staff had a magnetic access card, allowing us to open the gate by holding the access card against a card-reader attached to the gate. Although this system worked well, there was always the danger that an access card could be lost or stolen, and the process to disable lost cards was time consuming. Of course, each card cost a few pounds to buy too, so it was quite expensive to provide one for each of the staff who used the car park. Bury is one of the rainiest towns in England and perhaps the worst aspect of using access cards, from the staff's point of view, was having to stop and get out of the car to hold our cards up to the reader in all weathers!



One alternative would be to issue every member of staff with a 'keyfob' remote control, which are a popular choice especially for homes with their own motorised gates. While keyfobs can be operated without having to open your car door or wind down the window, they are costly, as much as £25 or more each. Moreover, they still provide a security headache when they are lost. Disabling them often means calling out an engineer, costing a great deal of time and expense.

The solution was the GSM Key. It is an ingenious device that contains an ordinary SIM card and lets you:


  • Open a gate, barrier or door simply by phoning it for FREE.
  • Switch a device on and off, such as an alarm, lighting or heating, by sending a text message.
  • Monitor two electrical circuits and receive a phone call and/or a text when the circuit is activated.



Having now installed one on our own gate, all our staff can let themselves in and out of the car park (and stay dry!) just by dialling the GSM Key from their mobile. There's no cost as the call is unanswered. The GSM Key is secure too. No unauthorised users can operate the gate as their numbers are not stored on the GSM Key's SIM card. If a member of staff loses their phone, their number can be removed from the GSM Key instantly, just by sending it a text.

If you want to open a gate, door or barrier, then call Interquartz now on 0161 763 3122 to discuss your requirements.


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