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Interquartz Handsets Installed in State-of-the-art Facility

Over 80 handsets in use on Kerrygold Food's production line.

Interquartz have recently supplied over 80 Voyager programmable handsets to a new Kerrygold Foods factory in Staffordshire.  The phones are integrated into a state-of-the-art production line at the facility, allowing operators to communicate between different stages of the production process quickly and effectively.

The handsets, which are bright red and feature 10 programmed keys, are easily visible in the busy environment and easy to clean.  As the handsets don’t have a conventional keypad it is also easy to control how they are used.  Personal calls cannot be made – they can only be used to contact the pre-programmed numbers.

To give themselves complete control and flexibility, Kerrygold decided to program the Voyager handsets themselves.  An additional Interquartz Keypad Emulator was purchased allowing each handset to be configured according to requirements.  This simple process allows phones to be re-configured if production lines change, increasing the life span of the units considerably.

The handsets form an integral part of a larger Samsung OfficeServ solution which encompasses the whole facility.  Ben Trencher, Samsung Specialist at Rocom, played a key role in managing the installation at Kerrygold – “there was a lot of cutting-edge technology incorporated into the OfficeServ installation at Kerrygold from a diverse range of suppliers.  The Interquartz Voyager programmable handsets fit the bill perfectly – the client was really keen on the idea of programming the units themselves and liked the simplicity which the handsets give for their end-users on the production line.”

Leading telecoms reseller Absolute Network Solutions (ANS) supplied the telephone system to Kerrygold.  Nick Davies, Director at ANS commented that "the handsets from Interquartz form an integral part of the solution which we supplied to Kerrygold.  As well as the benefits of having such a bold colour casing and being easy to clean, they simplified the whole communication process between the line workers in different areas of the facility and the warehouse - helping the production line run smoothly.  Control is also important - knowing that the handsets can only be used to call the pre-programmed numbers gives the management a guarantee that the phones are not being used to make expensive personal calls."

Dean Fullbrook, IT Manager at The Kerrygold Company Ltd is extremely pleased with the Voyager programmable handsets - "they improve communications on our production line massively, allowing staff to quickly call other areas of the line without having to remember any numbers or keep directory lists.
Being able to program the handsets ourselves is another big benefit - doing all of this work in-house saves us a lot of headaches as we can easily relocate phones and change numbers without having to worry about sending the phones off anywhere.  We've had lots of positive feedback on the Voyager handsets already from the staff on the production line - they appreciate the simplicity they offer and how easy the units are to clean."

Roy Stephenson, Interquartz Distributor Account Manager, has handled several large installations of Voyager programmable handsets in the manufacturing, hotel and hospitality industries – “carrying a 10 year warranty, our handsets are extremely versatile and can be adapted to a variety of settings.  The installation at Kerrygold is a great example of this versatility – by purchasing the programming router the client has been able to customise the phones to fit their exact needs and seamlessly incorporate them into their production processes.”

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