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When WM Housing was looking for emergency telephones for an award-winning project serving young people, it found Vulcan’s highly durable LC model was the most accommodating.

When WM Housing was looking for emergency telephones for an award-winning project serving young people, it found Vulcan’s highly durable LC model was the most accommodating.

With a portfolio of over 27,000 properties WM Housing is one of the largest housing groups serving the West Midlands and required the ‘phones to be installed foyers in three multi-tenanted properties in Hereford, Leominster and Ross on Wye. These provide temporary and emergency accommodation to people aged between 16-25 years old who are at risk of homelessness.

“We needed telephones installing in central communal areas to provide access to 999 services and our own 24-hour on-call centre calls which responds to incidents such as anti-social behaviour and emergency repairs,” explains Samantha Bennett, Senior Administrator at the Supported Housing for Young People (SHYPP) project.

The Vulcan LC model, which is exclusively marketed globally by Interquartz UK,  was selected on grounds of functionality and the need for a phone that was “pretty indestructible” due to the occasional appearance of unexpected visitors at the properties reports Samantha. “Having researched the market I found the Vulcan phones were the only ones that offered a keypad with the ability to choose up to four programmable options and that could block calls to other numbers.”

Having identified the Vulcan LC as the only solution which matched WM Housing’s needs, Samantha placed an order through Nimans, one of 16 members of Interquartz UK’s national distributor network. Units were then promptly despatched to WM’s Kemble Housing operation which handled installation for SHYPP. This proved a pain-free experience not least because of assistance provided by Interquartz UK’s Distributor Account Manager, Roy Stephenson.

“Roy wrote new programming instructions specific to our needs which, with the assistance provided before we placed the order was much appreciated,” says Sam. “It made it very simple for our contractor.”

Helping ensure the safety and wellbeing of SHYPP tenants the Vulcan LCs should prove a durable solution given robust construction designed to ensure the ‘phones withstand not just the rigours of everyday use but vandalism. The model is manufactured using high impact stainless steel casings specially treated to be both vandal and mark resistant whilst the cord is protected by an armoured steel cable. The handset itself is made from highly durable 9mm thick heat and solvent resistant Polybutylene terephthalate (PBT) and polycarbonate.

The keypad, which offers those four programmable keys, is equally tough being cast from zinc alloy and featured engraved and filled numerals which - unlike cheaper printed versions - will not fade or wear out.

Call-barring comes as standard and gives great flexibility with simple programming options which allow or bar calls to different prefixes. This means that WM Housing may add to the 999 and on-call centre options currently programmed to include access to other services which its tenants may require in an emergency, such as The Samaritans.

Another benefit and one that will help the housing group ensure its tenants are well protected is an automatic fault reporting function. This means the phone will provide an “I’m OK” message to confirm the line and handset are in working order whilst a more sophisticated reporting option will notify by text or email if any keys are jammed, handset broken or the unit is faulty.

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