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See us at the AVAYA In it to Win event - Dubai 2/3 February

Interquartz will be exhibiting at the AVAYA Ìn it to Win' event in Dubai on 2nd and 3rd February 2010. The Emerging Markets Partner conference will be held at the Madinet Jumeirah, Johara Ballroom and feature presentations and demonstrations.

AVAYA analogue phones - Interquartz manufactures a range of `business class’ analogue phones for AVAYA that are approved for use on AVAYA communication solutions.

Hotel Phones - Interquartz also manufactures a range of dedicated hotel/hospitality telephones.

What makes us different?

·         The thickness & quality of the plastic

·         The quality of the handset cord & other components

·         Gold plated contacts

·         Message waiting indicator compatible with AVAYA products

·         Amplified headset ports

·         Inductive couple in every telephone for hearing aid users

·         Double injection moulded keys - Numbers will never fade

·         Expensive silicon rubber feet

·         Full CE/EMC/RoHS/WEEE approval


VoIP Products - We also have a portfolio of HD Voice SIP handsets including Video phone featuring Texas Instruments chip set, PoE, dual Ethernet ports, headset port.

These produts carry the Yealink brand and allow users to access the full capabilities of SIP-based VoIP platforms, that make communication much more efficient, productive and cost effective.

Published on January 25, 2010 at 08:18 AM