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The Interquartz Gemini business and Voyager hotel telephone ranges, as well as Interquartz Special Application phones, have been successfully tested and approved on the Avaya Aura Communication Manager 6.0.1 and are now rated "Avaya compliant". Users can have confidence that features such as call transfer and voicemail indicator lamps are 100% compitable. In common with all Interquartz telephones, Gemini and Voyager phones are robustly built, using the highest quality components, and are covered by a comprehensive 10 year warranty.

Additionally, Interquartz manufacture Avaya's own analogue telephones, details of which can be found here.

Gemini Business range
Gemini business phones are supplied with both BT and RJ45 line cords allowing them to be installed on either modedrn structured cabling or older telephony cabling.

The three Gemini models covered by this announcement are:
  • Gemini Basic, (model 9330B4 black / 9330L05 white / 9330 red)
  • Gemini Speakerphone, model 9333B4 black / 9333L05 white)
  • Gemini CLI model (9335B4 black)

Click here for more details of the Gemini range.
Voyager Hotel range
Designed for the guest room market, Voyager phones have a number of features created especially for hotels. These include a full length printable inlay card enabling them to be customised to the hotel's individual needs; a choice of 10, 5, 3, 1 or 0 memory buttons; a push button voicemail lamp which can call into the voicemail system and a temporary memory on the last number redial button, meaning that guests' privacy is assured.

The following Voyager models are officially DevConnect compliant:
  • Voyager Basic with 10 memories, (model 9281B3 black / 9281H05 grey) 
  • Voyager Basic with 5 memories, (model 9281FB3 black / 9281FH05 grey) 
  • Voyager Basic with 3 memories, (model 9281TB3 black / 9281TH05 grey) 
  • Voyager Basic with 1 memory, (model 9281OB3 black / 9281OH05 grey) 
  • Voyager Basic with 0 memories, (model 9281NB3 black / 9281NH05 grey)
  • Voyager Speakerphone (model 9283H05 grey)
  • Voyager Two Line phone (model 9285H05 grey)
  • Voyager Small Footprint phone (model 9825H05 grey)
  • Voyager Slimline phone (model 9826H05 grey)

Click here for more details of the Voyager range.
Special Application Phones
Designed for special purposes, such as hotline, answer only phones, unmanned receptions, or public places, these Interquartz special application phones feature no keypads. Instead they contain a series of pre-programmable buttons. All the phones are made to the usual Interquartz standards of quality and reliability.

These models are DevConnect approved:
  • Programmable phone (model 9281PH05 grey / 9281PK red)
  • Hotline phone (model 9826NH05 grey / 9826NK red)

Click here for more details of the Special Application range.

Contact us for more information about our Avaya approval.

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