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More and more employers are now offering headsets to their staff. Headsets are proven to increase productivity as they leave both hands free for typing. They also reduce muscle tension by making it easier for workers to find a comfortable seating position.

Headsets can either fit over the head, like the one pictured above, or over the ear. The most important point is to choose a good quality one that works well with the telephone it is connected to, so that both parties in the call can hear and be heard clearly.


Plantronics is the world's leading manufacturer of headsets. Most famously, Neil Armstrong's first words on the Moon were spoken into a Plantronics headset, but nowadays, with products for office, mobile and computer, their headsets are widely used in offices and homes everywhere.

The Plantronics DuoSet's ingenious design means that it can be worn over the head or over the ear, depending on each individual's preference. Despite its low price, it offers excellent audio quality and reliability, making it the natural partner for Interquartz headset-enabled business telephones.

Interquartz Headset Packages

Some telephones are better than others and some headsets are better than others too! To make matters more confusing, not all headsets and telephones will work together anyway. Plantronics recently tested a number of Interquartz telephones in their state-of-the-art laboratories and were most impressed with the results they recorded, with a wide variery of both corded and cordless headsets. Indeed they were sufficiently happy with the telephones' performance that they awarded Interquartz their "Seal of Approval", which now features on every Interquartz telephone with a headset port. 

We at Interquartz have taken away the headache of choosing a telephone and headset for business use by offering both items packaged together in a single box, whilst offering a significant cost saving when purchasing the two together. You can now buy any Interquartz headset-ready telephone from the ever-popular Enterprise and Gemini ranges along with a Plantronics DuoSet headset, giving guaranteed compatibility between two premium quality products. Follow the links to the right to download datasheets, pictures and manuals for Interquartz telephones and the Plantronics DuoSet or contact your Telecoms supplier for more details.


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